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EP Pharma is committed to improving and protecting patient’s health by providing high-quality, reliable, and Increased customer satisfaction (needs and expectations) through the effective implementation of the Pharmaceutical Quality Management System (PQMS).
Patient’s Health is a core value, Patients are our primary consideration in how we conduct our business.

Management is accountable for the quality of the products and services we deliver. All employees must be fully engaged in producing the best quality required by the pharmaceutical industry


Consider Customers First.

  • Develop a customer-focused, pharma-oriented culture across the
  • Embrace client’s quality expectations in everything we do
  • Anticipate market trends to provide appropriate solutions
  • Ensure that all EP Pharma employees understand the customer and pharma industry needs
  • Implement fast and effective action on client’s quality concerns and
    regulatory needs Integrate Pharmaceutical and regulatory environment.

Integrate Pharmaceutical and regulatory environment.

  • Ensure EP Pharma compliance with all applicable regulations
  • Maintain the ISO 9001& (Good Manufacturing Practices for primary packaging) certification at all relevant locations
  • Ensure that employees understand applicable regulations and norms Control applications of regulations and norms with appropriate depth and frequency.
  • Anticipate regulatory requirements evolution

Develop our talent!

  • All employees are fully aware of and actively involved in the Group’s quality objectives.
  • Create the necessary conditions to develop individual skills and facilitate best practices sharing
  • Assess employees’ qualifications and competencies and take preventive and corrective actions
  • Train all employees to increase their competencies to meet quality needs.

Strive toward zero defects.

  • Implement continuous improvement culture and tools in the entire organization.
  • Perform regular Quality Reviews at the site and the group level using data analysis to define a quality roadmap
  • Using systematic data-driven problem-solving tools to increase process robustness.
  • Set targets to drive regular improvement of quality year-on-year.
  • Implement technologies to increase process robustness by eliminating all sources of variations
  • Sponsor and support new development tools, processes, or technologies that lead to guaranteed “zero defects
  • Use FMEA methodology to assess risks and implement robust mitigation.


Our Assets

  • We rely on one of the most credible ERP systems in the world.
  • Our ERP system handles all distribution operations and exports sales reporting monthly to IMS.

  • We rely on one of the big 4 accounting organizations.
  • OUR DISTRIBUTION SERVICE is ISO 9001 certified and audited by KPMG
  • We get the financial statements periodically to prioritize our strategic objectives.