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EM is Pic's sole agent in Egypt.


Pic is a leading Italian company in the self-care medical device sector. Started in 1961, Pic is growing rapidly in international markets. Their products are now available in 80 countries, with turnover exceeding 100 million Euros per year.
The story of CHICCO (the baby care) begins   since 1958, with the expansion in 1970 and the opening of subsidiaries in Europe, China, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, the USA and India.Day after day we work to help people to live with serenity their own welfare, so that they can say, “it`s easy with pic”.

Products we distribute

Diabetic Care

Pen Needles (Insupen) for insulin delivery, a complete range of diameters and lengths with reduced wall thickness and a larger internal lumen. Insulin syringes with magnifying lens and 3 different capacities are also available. 


The needle 32G, the smallest made from Pic in Egypt: with a diameter of 0, 23 mm and a length of 4 mm, offers you an injection almost painless. The pen needles are available in different lengths and diameters. All in packs of 100 pieces.


pic insulin syringes Syringes with magnifying lenses for accurate dosing.

Wound Care

A wide range of traditional dressings including plasters and bandages. Pic offers the solution to you: plasters with antibacterial pads treated with chlorhexidine. All Pic strip plasters have: Special polyurethane that allows the skin to breathe & Special expanded polyethylene to guarantee max. protection & Highly elastic and flexible

  • ultrathin water and bacteria-proof plasters


  • ultra-delicate strip plasters


  • ultra-gentle plasters made for kids
Delicate Kids


  • universal plasters for normal skin


  • universal plasters specific for fingers and knuckles
Classic Z


  • universal plasters specific for joints(elbow, shoulder , knee)


  • all-purpose plasters for the whole family


  • protect against knocks, ideal for sports use


  • The fabric is quite light, soft and smooth and has a high cotton percentage (70%) for good skin tolerance
Flex Elast supporting bandages


  • Ultra-thin,waterproof and bacteria-proof, post-op plaster. Made on special transparent polyurethane to allow breathing, sterile.
AquaBloc Post Op


  • Ultra delicate , sterile post-op plasters, made of a special conformable nonwoven fabric that allows breathing , has painless removal
Soffix Med post-op


  • Sterile eye pads with adhesive border
Optisoft Comfort


  • sterile eye pads without adhesive border



A wide and complete product line, designed to respond effectively simply and practically to the application of hot and cold whenever needed. Hot & Cold Therapy: For sprains, strains & inflammation

1. For sprains, strains & inflammation


  • reusable hot & cold therapy cushion with three different shapes
  • reusable hot & cold therapy cushion with three different shapes
  • reusable hot & cold therapy cushion with three different shapes


  • fresh relief
Ice bag


  • A warm relief that grows by the minute
  • A warm relief that grows by the minute
Hot water bag


2. For the protection of the ears

  • Natural wax Protect against noise


  • Aqua ear plug, waterproof silicone
Ice bag


3. For Intimate Wash


  • For intestinal washings
Full Wash


  • For intestinal washings Pear with rigid cannula
Easy Wash


  • Vaginal douche
Intim Wash