EP Group EP Group is the portal of Egyptian pharmaceutical factories to Middle Eastern and African markets. READ MORE

Exportation EP Group is the portal of Egyptian pharmaceutical factories to Middle Eastern and African markets. EP Exportation

About EP Group

EP Group is the portal of Egyptian pharmaceutical factories to Middle Eastern and African markets. In 2002, we began operation of our services. We provide a fully integrated service, which includes all the required resources and facilities for pharmaceutical factories to export their products. We create our storage hub for exportation, to allow our clients to order any quantities of wide range of products. We offer a dedicated experienced registration team; to facilitate the registration process in different MOHs. Our regional offices and local expertise ensures that we can manage the distribution chain from the assembly line to the patient. Our core competences include: storage hub, qualified registration team business networks, business experience, and availability of the required resources.

Our core competences


Storage Hub
Availability Of Required Resources
Qualified Registration Team
Business Experience

Our Future Plans



40% Annual growth


Our primary Egyptian export market lies in the Middle East and North East Africa.



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EP group has been ranked as one of the top three export companies in Iraq since 2009, according to the Egyptian ECMI. Started in 2003, business is managed through 3 separate offices to suit local legislation.

Producers we export for

  • Medicom Healthcare (Lumecare)
  • Allmed Group Germany
  • Amoun Pharmaceutical
  • Holdi Pharma
  • Kahira Pharmaceutical
  • Memphis Pharmaceutical
  • El Nasr Pharmaceutical
  • Pharco Pharmaceutical
  • Amriya Pharmaceutical
  • Lifelong – Meditec
  • Medel International
  • Pharco B
  • October Pharma
  • Royal herbs


  • Mina Pharm
  • Sedico Pharmaceutical
  • Delta Pharma
  • Panax Pharma
  • Ateco Pharma
  • Pharmaplast
  • Epico
  • European Egyptian Pharmaceutical
  • Macro Group Pharmaceuticals
  • RIRI Pharmaceuticals
  • Sigma
  • Sigmatech
  • EGPI



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Since 2013, 90% of Egyptian medical exportation to Somalia has been through EP group. Started in 2010, the business is currently managed through 20 business partners.

Producers we export for

  • Kahira Pharmaceuticals
  • Alexandria Pharmaceutical
  • Amoun Pharmaceutical
  • Rameda
  • October Pharma
  • Sedico Pharmaceutical
  • Delta Pharma
  • Medicom Healthcare​


  • Pharco
  • Amriya Pharmaceutical
  • European Egyptian Pharmaceutical
  • Pharco-B​
  • Ateco- Otsuka
  • Macro Pharma​
  • Lifelong – Meditec
  • Pharmaplast

  • Middle East


    started in 2010 sole agent and distrbutor for: Medicom Health Care - Panax Pharma - Delta Pharma - Lifelong - Meditec

  • Middle East


    started in 2015 Direct supplier to key private hospitals for all Egyptian manufacturing factories.

  • Middle East


    started in 2015 sole agent for: Medel international - Panax Pharma - Amoun Pharmaceutical

  • Middle East


    started in 2012 sole agent for: Medicom -Pharmaplast



    started in 2014 Sole agent for Medicom Healthcare



    started in 2013 sole agent for: Amriya Pharmaceutical - European Egyptian Pharmaceuticals - Medicom Healthcare

  • Middle East



We work side by side with our business partners to achieve the goals of our group, making healthcare accessible to patients worldwide

Words From Our Respected Partners

  • Here, we will share soon our partners’ experience.
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