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Distribution EPDA allows Egyptian pharmaceutical factories to sell their wares to a network of private pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and drug stores. EPDA Distribution

Egyptian Pharmaceutical Distribution Agency

EPDA allows Egyptian pharmaceutical factories to sell their wares to a network of private pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and drug stores We build long-term partnerships with clients of high growth potential, creating mutually beneficial marketing and sales promotion plans to achieve maximum sales growth for factories. By drawing on the wealth of experience and resources of EP Group, EPDA can provide tailored solutions to any distribution problem.

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Egyptian Pharmaceutical Distribution Agency

At EPDA we realize the importance of quality assurance standards, and apply them to various aspects of our business:


We have four main branches in Egypt. We keep these hubs for storage in different locations to allow easy access of trucks and containers.​
  Here are some of our store standards:
  • Min. space 1000sqm
  • Different locations​
  • Free access locations
  • Ventilation 75 cm above street level
  • Humidity and accurate temperature control
  • Data logger to monitor monthly climate readings
  • Suitable refrigerated room spaces
  • Safety procedures according to Egyptian civil law​
  • Professional team
  • Internal auditing according to ISO specifications
  • External auditing according to Hazem Hassan (KPMG)


In 2016,different categories of trucks serve our business needs.Our fleet of vehicles is increasing by 20% annually.
  • All trucks are refrigerated for safe product transportation
  • All drivers are fully qualified


We use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to allow our organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources.
  • Supply chain management system
  • Integrated system for handling all company operations
  • Can be applied to internal and external business applications
  • Benefits for factories:
  • Imported reports are combined with IMS records.
  • Regular sales reports are produced as per IMS territory
  • Sales reports are available in different formats to fit different ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, etc


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We use IMS (Intercontinental Marketing Services) to measure and improve our performance with local market knowledge and unique insights.
  • IMS is the reference for the pharmaceutical market
  • EPDA follows the IMS Egypt sales territories segmentation, through the ERP system
  • EPDA segments the territories into 70 IMS territories
  • EPDA reports sales monthly to IMS to enhance transparency and provide market insights


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KPMG is a professional services firm that delivers audit, tax and advisory services. EPDA undergoes external audit through KPMG, to ensure the quality of the services at every step of the operation. KPMG provides advisory services for investment and taxation to ensure the sustainability of the provided services.
Benefits for factories:
  • Insurance of highest service quality
  • Assurance of reliability of financial information
  • Increased transparency

EPDA Partners

We work side by side with our business partners to achieve the goals of our group, making healthcare accessible to patients worldwide

Words From Our Respected Partners

  • Here, we will share soon our partners’ experience.
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